General Rate Increase

Dear Valued Customer:

We appreciate your business and loyalty to Peninsula Truck Lines, especially through the challenges over the past two years. In order to keep up with rising costs throughout our organization, it is necessary that we take a general rate increase.

Peninsula is dedicated to delivering the highest quality transportation services with a commitment to providing the most consistent A.M. deliveries in our service area. In order to maintain our service standards, we need to keep pace with increased costs related to benefits, recruitment, wages, equipment and technology. Effective February 14th, we will implement a general rate increase of 6.99%. The increase applies to class rates, minimum charges and other non-discounted rates.

The increase will not apply to contracts or pricing agreements/publications with an expiration date.

If you have any questions regarding the increase, please contact your Peninsula Account Executive or give us a call at (800) 942-9909. You may also visit our website, for rate quotes that will reflect your updated rates starting February 14th.

Thank you for your business!


Brenett Waltos
Vice President Sales & Marketing
Peninsula Truck Lines Inc.