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* Peninsula Truck Lines, Inc., is a participating carrier of the National Motor Freight Traffic Association and uses the National Motor Freight Classification (“NMFC”) to rate it's shipments. Below is a sample of a density scale and the appropriate class that is used in the NMFC for plastic or rubber articles other than expanded, NMFC item 156600. Most items have a specific listing in the NMFC. Density is a key factor in determining the classification of the freight, but the Commodity Classification Standards Board is also tasked to take stowability, handling, and liability into consideration when applying a class to a specific named commodity.

You can visit or call our rate department at (253) 929-2000 option 3 for further assistance in determining the class of your products.

Pounds Per Cubic Foot (Density) Estimated Freight Class
Less than 1 400
1 but less than 2 300
2 but less than 4 250
4 but less than 6 175
6 but less than 8 125
8 but less than 10 100
10 but less than 12 92.5
12 but less than 15 85
15 but less than 22.5 70
22.5 but less than 30 65
30 or greater 60