What Our Customers Are Saying About Us

"I have partnered my company with Peninsula Truck for many years now. In my opinion Peninsula out performs every LTL company out there. I ship with the utmost confidence that they will do it right every time, and history has proven itself. To me Peninsula radiates a professional business model from the top down. Everyone, from the outside representation to the customer service department (Rhea is a poster child for customer service), to the drivers. Whenever there has been any issues they are all over it. They really go the extra mile for their customers. With that said it is a very nice feeling as a business to know that at the end of the day your product has left the building with a company that really takes pride in what they do. Yes, there are still places like that in the world, and Peninsula Truck is definitely one of them."

Bob Faulk
Zumar Industries, Inc.

"Peninsula Truck Lines is the first freight company I’ve seen that is, not only concerned about making their deliveries/pickups on time, but cares as much for their customer service, communication with the customer and the quality of the delivery. Something is said for a company that does quick reconciliations of any issues, regardless of how rare they are. Peninsula is the best!!"

Kim Keith
Buck Knives - Hunting and Tactical Knives

"For over 18 years Peninsula Truck lines has been The Only Choice in moving our freight in the Northwest. Peninsula has consistently given us competitive pricing, on time deliveries and care for our freight that no other carrier has come close to matching. From customer service, drivers, sales representatives to management their staff has been courteous, helpful and always given us the feeling that we are working together as if one company."

Mark Simpson
Bailey Sales & Associates

"Here at West Coast Paper in Spokane, I am in charge of our operations in Spokane as well as our facility in Kennewick. Peninsula Truck Lines is by far our preferred carrier in both locations. We have some pretty high service expectations. With that said, Peninsula has consistently DELIVERED. A quote from my receiver when asked about Peninsula, timely and hardworking, best freight company around. From my merchandiser who deals with the very rare freight claim, very easy to work with, basically a non-event. Peninsula has met our needs both with service and cost. We here at West Coast Paper in Spokane and Kennewick enjoy our working relationship with Peninsula Truck Lines and the people who work there."

Jeffrey Huff
West Coast Paper

"Over the last 15 years, Cascade Wholesale has enjoyed a continually growing relationship with Peninsula Truck Lines. Their niche has more than fit our needs and for over 75 of our customers’, on a weekly basis. Their drivers are very professional and understand that every shipment needs to be treated with the utmost care. Our freight claims are virtually non-existent and the service is always timely. They have been able to accommodate our expanding customer base to some of the more remote locations while keeping the service at the highest level. Their ability to react to our needs is undoubtedly one of the reasons we have been able to feel as though we have a real partner in the shipping industry."

Brian Carr
Cascade Wholesale

"Business is risky enough... but when you put your company’s image in the hands of others, you had better be certain they are committed to your best interests. Since day one, Peninsula Truck Lines has not only towed the line but their superior service has enhanced our image. Success is so sweet!"

Patti Hendrickson
Blaze King Ind.

"I would like to thank Peninsula Truck lines for a continued, outstanding partnership in our trucking needs. You are always there when we need you and very responsive to inquiries from my staff. Keep up the good work!! We appreciate your team!!"

Jim Miller
Screw Products

"I just wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how much we at ECCO appreciate the service we receive from Peninsula. It starts with you Matt. You are there to make sure that all our real hot shipments get picked up and delivered when promised. No one babysits our deliveries like you do. If we have any problems you are there to take care of it, with no excuses. We also appreciate all the help we get from John at your terminal. We get our trailers swapped out each night and empty trailers are brought in so that we have them first thing in the morning. Having them here that early allows us to load them during the day as our orders are pulled. Another plus dealing with your company is that when we need another trailer during the course of the day, we call John and it is delivered to us. We never hear the words “sorry can’t do it”. I also want to make sure that your accounting department is commended. I go through all the bills as they come in before paying them. I find the pricing on our bills from Peninsula are 99% correct. If there ever is a problem, which is extremely rare, I call or E-Mail Matt and it is taken care of. Last, but not least, is the appreciation for all the lunches that Matt has been bringing in for all our employees. When Matt E-Mails me and says he thinks it is time to bring lunch in again, it puts all the ECCO employees here on a high with the anticipation of either the Mexican or barbeque food he brings in. Again, we want to let you both know that we appreciate your service to ECCO. "

Best Regards,

Elene Mullen
Ecco Manufacturing

"California Closets of Portland has been Imports Peninsula Truck Lines for almost 5 years. I've really appreciated the customer and personal touch service at Peninsula Truck Line. I'm sometimes really busy with my business but it doesn't take long to place an order over the phone or email. At least one time I can remember being questioned about the address, shipping weight, and thankfully so because both were wrong. The staff at Peninsula Truck Line are pros and I couldn't imagine doing big or small shipments without them!"

Barbara Kern
California Closets of Portland

"We at Marion Ag Service, Inc. have been very impressed by the service Peninsula Truck Lines has given us. Their dedicated loyal customer service is always professional and friendly. When I have questions or need a rate quote, I can easily call my direct account manager Mike Anderson to receive an immediate response. Peninsula’s drivers are friendly, knowledgeable and most importantly on time. We appreciate Peninsula’s dedication to getting our products to our customers and have received many compliments for being quick to deliver and on time! "

David Gregory
Marion Ag Service, Inc.

"Peninsula has be our most reliable transportation supplier for the past 8 years. Great service and no damage claims."

Ed Gerhard
Kona Bikes

"Peninsula Truck Lines is by far the best carrier we have used. We have tried a lot of different carriers, but Peninsula out paces the others by far. Along with great competitive pricing, their service and attention to detail is outstanding. They are always willing to help us with and special issues or problems that come along and to partner with us for great customer service. I would recommend Peninsula to handle all freight needs."

Bill McAlexander
Battery Systems, Inc.

"I truly enjoy working with the Peninsula team. The drivers are very professional with a friendly attitude, and my contact for all of my needs, Tara Renner is a complete joy to communicate with. She is a fun and refreshing personality to have around! What a great team!!"

Dana Brand
Portland Bolt & Manufacturing Company